Today, in developed societies, entrepreneurship is a social lifestyle, spreading to masses and being discussed intensely. Entrepreneurship has always been a fundamental part of the development of societies. Yet, especially in the information and communication age we live in, the importance of entrepreneur and entrepreneurship is increasing. Because, entrepreneurship is seen as a main factor in economic developmet, job creation and social development.

The dynamic nature of the labor market, whose main factor is humans, has become more changable with globalization and the rapid technological developments it brings. In the globalized world, borders have been vanished, which has increased the mobility of the labor force and the interaction between countries. This situation has increased the number of independent factors affecting the national labor market, making it necessary to modify the policies to be implemented. Many policies are implemented thanks to the National Employment Strategy to increase employment which is one of the key indicators of the labor market, meaning that the labor force is aimed to be included in the production process. Entrepreneurship is a prominent factors that is concentrated on by the government policies.

In this context, our fourth congress that will take place at Bodrum Vogue Hotel between 17-20 October 2019, with Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University will be the hosting organication. The congress will be supported by many organizations including the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Entrepreneurship and Career Application and Research Center, Career Planning and Alumni Relations Coordinator and Entrepreneurship Community and variety of other significant institutions and organizations. The main theme of the congress is determined as “qualified entrepreneurship, qualified employment and prevention of qualified unemployment” and we wish you to honor the congress where issues regarding employment and career will be discussed by academic staff and the representatives of business and public institutions.

Prof. Dr. Mehmet MARANGOZ

On Behalf of Regulatory Board of Congress



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In the closing panel of the Congress, the 5th International Entrepreneurship Employment and Career Congress was decided to be held in 2020 hosted by Azerbaijan State Economics University and with the cooperation of Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University and Azerbaijan State Economics University.

The first four of our congress were held in two-year periods and were accepted by both academic and business world. The 5th International Entrepreneurship Employment and Career Congress will be held once every two years in October 2021 in Baku, taking into account the intense demands received after the congress. Information about the subject will be shared with you in time.

See you in October 2021 in Baku….